Open letter to Unification members

25/12/2010 12:40

 All of you know I'm not a member of the Unification, but I love Rev Moon’s work and Divine mission of restoring the value of family on our planet. We can see he has already achieved part of it, all around the world. This has been done mainly because of his firm guidance since he was a teenager.

My letter today carries an important goal, and I feel myself compelled to send it, due to the commitment I’ve personally taken with Rev Moon, on both occasions I had the great pleasure to receive his embrace and, with the embrace, the mission. At first I did not understand, especially for not being a member of the church. I started to understand as soon as I saw what is going on with Unification members.

UNIFICATION members are reaching the point of repeating the 1378 to 1417 Catholic Church mistake in a very special way. Members are getting confused about Rev Moon main goal. They are mixing up the main goal with intermediate plans.

The Church was the first step, which is invaluable! The church sustains the whole movement and the whole structure of their planetary mission. It forms the ethical, moral and spiritual foundation on which the whole movement is being built.

On these bases all intermediate goals started to be built in order to reach all humanity, all around the world, gradually and without forcing major changes in beliefs and social behavior.

So did all these parallel institutions, including FAMILY ASSOCIATION, WANGO and UPF, two of which I was required to participate, but my mission, determined by the founder himself, did not let me join actively. Now comes the GPF.

Unfortunately there is a misconception, as envisaged by the founder himself. Some members cannot understand that ALL INSTITUTIONS OF THE MOVEMENT, EXACTLY ALL, are extremely necessary and they complement each other!

Remember that our world is too large and it has many different realities, which makes it impossible for Rev Moon alone, to achieve his larger mission, without all members dedication, inside their own attributions and one supporting each other. All of you are important to the movement main goal.

Their sons are working hard. They are following their father’s steps. But we all have to be aware that it is impossible for a son alone to replace The Father!

It's time, for all of us, to understand that Unification Movement should be united, although by different ways with different leadership. Each one of us, including myself, need to be working hard in order to achieve Rev Moon main goal, one supporting each other.

Enjoy Christmas party to reflect about the UNION all of us need to seek.

Remember that Rev Moon mission needs to achieve all humanity, including people like myself, working outside the movement, and that this will never happens if you, internally, initiate disputes, jealousy, envy, misunderstandings, and everything else.

There are not anti-Christ among the members. But the Reverend already imagined that some of you would be viewed that way. There are no traitors, though some are understood in this way. There is much work in parallel and all complementary.

I know I have no authority to say anything to any of you, and I already know that my letter should not be seriously taken by Unification members, since I’m not a member myself.

I apologize, but that's part of my mission.

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